Junior Tennis Programs – Fall Juniors 2016

Welcome to Fall 2016 Monarch Junior Training at Folkes/Stevens Tennis Center at ODU. We offer a wide variety of tennis lessons for youth ages 5-18 years old, ranging from beginner levels to tournament players. All of our programs are based on USTA’s Junior Competencies and Progressions. Here at FSTC, we take great pride in our program of advancing your child’s love and enjoyment of the game, providing excellent group training followed up by match and league play opportunities.

Our Fall 2016 season kicks off as one unified program called “Monarch Junior Training.” Jennifer Toomy will be leading a dedicated team of talented staff: Zvonimir Podvinski (aka “Z”) and Alfredo Rodriguez, both former ODU Men’s Tennis Team players. We will have guest appearances from Dom Manilla, the ODU Women’s Head Coach. Additional experienced staff will assist as needed as our maximum student to staff ratio is 6:1.

Our classes are based on skill level rather than age. Players will be evaluated and grouped in programs and on specific courts with other players of similar ability and NTRP rating (for Yellow Ball classes). Periodic evaluations will be conducted and players will progress court by court, program by program, as they become proficient at each level.

Our goal is to provide a steady progression for all children. In order to do so, monthly commitment to a program is required. Additionally, we do not allow “drop-ins” on weekday classes as they often interrupt the progression of groups that have been working consistently over a period of time. We do allow “drop-ins” on Saturday classes.

As a courtesy, please contact Jennifer Toomy at 757-683- 5312 if your child will miss a class. Make-ups may be done on another day of the week with approval or Saturdays within the month. Make-ups do not carry over to the following month.

Below is the schedule of class offerings. Each child is encouraged to attend 2 days each week for maximum progression of their skills. We also encourage participation in competition round-robin style opportunities at Folkes/Stevens, local Junior Team Tennis Leagues and USTA tournaments.

Registration begins August 10 th . You may call front desk at 757-683- 5312 or stop by front desk to secure your spot. Cash, Credit Cards and checks payable to “ODU” are accepted.


Fall and Winter Monarch Junior Training 2016-2017

Classes begin September 6, 2016

Registration begins August 10th; Call 683-5312 or stop by Front Desk


Monthly Registration and Payment required. Folkes/Stevens Members receive 20% discount on all Programs. Junior Memberships are available for $200 annually.


Technical Development (Introduction to Tennis – Red Ball)

Tuesday & Thursday


September Fees (monthly cost):

1x per week: $80 Non-Members/$64 Members

2x per week: $160 Non-Members/$128 Members

Prices based on $20.00 per session for Non-Members; $16 per session for Members

Saturday – Drop-ins and Make-ups

1:00-2:00pm    $18 Non-Members/$14 Members


Advanced Development (Developing Skills & Refining Performance – Orange & Green Ball)

Monday & Wednesday


September Fees (monthly cost):

1x per week:      $120 (Wednesdays) or $90 (Mondays) Non-Members

$96 (Wednesdays) or $72 (Mondays) Members

2x per week:      $210 Non-Members/$168 Members

Prices based on $30.00 per session for Non-Members; $24 per session for Members

Saturday –  Drop-ins and Make-ups

11:30am-1:00pm   $21


Open Yellow Ball (Players who have mastered the ROG ball. 12U INT thru 18ADV & tournament players)

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


September Fees (monthly cost):

1x per week: $120 Non-Members / $96 Members

2x per week: $240 Non-Members / $192 Members

3x per week: $360 Non-Members / $288 Members

Prices based on $30.00 per session for Non-Members; $24 per session for Members

Saturday – Drop-ins and Make-ups

10:00-11:30am   $21


Monarch Elite (Invitation only – The most advanced & competitive team & tournament players.)

Class / Competency Descriptions:


Technical Development

Introduction to Tennis – Red Ball Format

Players in this format are being introduced to:

– The proper grip, preparation and swing path for each stroke as well as learning the basic footwork patterns and stances.

– Tactically, red players are acquiring the skills of consistency, placement, and basic spin and learning to control the ball and rally.

– To begin points, red players are developing a consistent toss and rhythmic service motion to minimize double faults and learning to apply the proper ground-stroke technique.

Players advance to Orange when they demonstrate these core skills to Tennis Professional.



Advanced Development

Developing Skills – Orange Ball Format 

Players in this format are:

– Developing more advanced stroke technique, greater court coverage and improved recognition skills.

– Developing greater racket-head speed to control the ball with improved pace, spin, height and depth.

– Tactically, developing high percentage patterns with the forehand as a weapon from the baseline and improving net transition skills on a larger court.

– Progressing in their ability to hold serve with greater spin, power and control and are learning to read the serve and adjust the size of their backswing on the return accordingly.

Players advance to Green when they demonstrate these core skills to Tennis Professional.


 Advanced Development

Refined Performance – Green Ball Format

Players in Green format (Refined Performance) should display:

– Refined stroke technique, movement skills and recognition to properly cover the full-sized court.

– The correct grips, preparation and swing paths for all strokes.

– A higher level of spin, pace and control than orange players.

– From the backcourt, green players have developed the forehand as weapon, a reliable backhand and sound decision making.

– Tactically, green players have improved their ability to defend and also to attack the net with proper positioning and dependable execution of volleys and overheads.

– On the serve, green players are continuing to develop the serve as a weapon with refined spin, placement and consistency.

– When returning, green players have the ability to use the block return on more powerful first serves and have developed an aggressive second-serve return.

Players advance to Open Yellow when they demonstrate these core skills to Tennis Professional.


Open Yellow Ball

Yellow Ball Format

 Players in Yellow format have mastered the skills in Red, Orange and Green Ball Levels. Focus continues on refinement and progression of all skills with the yellow ball. All players will have a NTRP rating and will be challenged through competition with others at their same level. These players compete in Local Junior Team Tennis Leagues (12U Intermediate through 18U Advanced), play on their Middle and High School Teams, and compete in Tournaments according to their level.


Monarch Elite

Invitation Only

 The most advanced and competitive team and tournament players are challenged in this “Invitation Only” class.
For more information Contact:

Jennifer Toomy
Head Tennis Professional
757 683 5312